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Halton Lift Truck is a proud family owned and operated company founded in 1985. Through our Canadian rebuilt equipment and guided by our Core Values, we strive to deliver exceptional service and product to support our customers who wish to lift ▲ their profits.

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Our Core Values

Leaders in Quality

Since 1985, quality has been and will continue to be the key to our success. Delivering the highest level of quality to our customers allows them to ensure the safety of their employees while maximize their profits.

Invest in our People

Our people are our greatest asset. We understand their desires go beyond the hours of our business. Balanced employees are motivated people.

Focus on Community

We recognize the value of supporting the communities in which we live, work and service. The fabric of those communities and their success is vital to the culture of our company.

Trust is Integral

Our integral approach to our business builds trust and honest relationships with our employees, vendors, partners and ultimately our customers.